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About The Company

The Landmark Americana Inc. is a company under the Ministry of LGED (Local Government Engineering Department) the development of an excellent built environment for Bangladesh. We create safe, high quality, sustainable and friendly built environment.

We believe in Customers satisfaction and charming design. We are committed to produce fancy work in an efficient way. Our aim to achieve incremental growth of our business thereby having a positive economic and social impact on the community and the nation.

If you need a reliable contractor that happily accepts its responsibility to complete the project – simply and to the highest standards you can give your trust to us. We do not just aim to meet your requirement and we are committed to exceed it.

Construction Equipments

Some of Our Previous Projects
No. Name of Projects Financed by Date of Commencement Date of Completion Value of Executed work
value in (BDT)
1 Sale and Purchase of PP
Coven Cement Bag for
Mongla Cement Factory(MCF)
Sena Kalyan
1st Nov, 2016 21,27,50,000.00 ৳
2 Dhaka Metro Rail Project
(MRT Line-6)
BD Railway 15th Jan, 2017 34,60,00,000.00 ৳
3 Bank Protection Work
against Erosion of the Meghna
river at Rajapur and East
Ilisha Union at Bhola Sadar
Upazilla, Bhola District
BWDB 16th Oct, 2016 26th Nov, 2017 23,56,71,021.30 ৳
4 Construction of Five,
five-units SemiPucca Barrack
Under Pirojpur Asroion Project-2
at Madhupur Upazilla in Tangail
MES 2nd Oct, 2016 12th Dec, 2016 37,50,000.00 ৳
5 Construction of Four,
five-units SemiPucca Barrack
Under Pirojpur Asroion Project-2
(2015-16 Fiscal Year) at
Madhupur Upazilla in Tangail
MES 13th Oct, 2016 23rd Dec, 2016 30,00,000.00 ৳
6 Supply Stone 81,60,00,000.00 ৳
7 Construction of Semi pucca
Staff Dormitory-1 for BUP at
Mirpur Cantonment
BD Army 13th May, 2016 12th June, 2016 5,79,065.00 ৳
8 Supply Geo Textile Bag 30th Oct, 2016
9 Construction of Aproach
road and 1× Wide Hanger
with store facility for 6×
SH Military Carrier Helicopter
in Dhaka Cantonment
Aviation Area
BD Army Aviation
10 Maintaining Works at
BAF 27th June, 2016 26th Sep, 2016 57,57,197.75 ৳
11 Construction of Proyash
School Building at Shaheed
Salahuddin Cantonment
Ghatail, Tangail
Army Welfare Fund 22th May, 2016 69,14,780.00 ৳
12 Gas Supply Agreement
with China Railway Jiujiang
Bridge Engineering co. ltd.
Petro Bangla
13 Construction of Cantonment
Supermarket at Ghatail
MES 1,69,33,915.00 ৳
14 Construction of three-stroyed
building (with foundation of 4th floor)
at Proyash, Shaheed Salahuddin
Cantonment, Ghatail
(without building materials)
MES 16th July, 2014 1,69,14,780.00 ৳
15 Adajan river Dredging
(Load-Unload Method)
15th Oct, 2012
16 Construction of Barrack house
under Asroion-2 Project
MES 9th Sept, 2014
17 Construction of Flexible Pevment
Guarder Bridge, Drain and Sand
filling at Union/Rural Road
in Laxmichori Upazilla
Roads & Highway 1,45,36,384.00 ৳
18 Construction of 24 Asroion
Project at Sadar Upazilla,
Roads & Highway 15th Sept, 2015 3rd Mar, 2016 2,34,36,384.00 ৳